Geoff Jaeger | 24 Hour Opening
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24 Hour Opening

The GkJE 1 Loco Project is open 24 hours for external viewing and at selected times* as a walk-through until 20 March.

Part one of two exhibitions of prints from the 24 Hour Project in 2015 opens Thursday 03 March : 6-8PM. Register HERE for the ‘live’ 24 Hour Project, taking place 19 March 2016 in your city.

This year the 24 Hour Project is coming together to help  rescue and rehabilitate human trafficking survivors. The She Has Hope goal is to restore these survivors to a life full of hope.

By participating in the 24 Hour Project we hope you can help us spread the word about the importance of helping human trafficking survivors.

Image: The Power of Red © aliveinnyc

With thanks to our print sponsors…

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GkJE 1

Fitzroy Gardens
60-64 Macleay Street
Potts Point – Sydney, Australia


*Opening Times

External viewing 24/7

Internal Walk Through

Wed – Thu – Fri : 5-8PM

Saturdays : 9am – 1pm / 5-8pm**

**except 05 March