Geoff Jaeger | Rickard Vikström joins GkJE
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Rickard Vikström joins GkJE

Rickard was a GkJE client before joining our enterprise. It has been his values and beliefs that see him fit so well into our endeavours:

“I grew up in northern Sweden and worked with my parents in our family business. My approach to life, and subsequently business, is based on three core beliefs I learned from them, and always carry with me:

1. Treat everyone with respect – this is the foundation for mutual respect and success.
2. Take the initiative – if you want something to happen, then make it happen.
3. Solve problems – the problems of any business are yours to solve.”

– Rickard

Rickard is an international marketing and business consultant who has a focus on the customer experience, bonding people with organistaions while simultaneously streamlining processes.

He’s known for leading, developing and revising fundraising platforms for charitable organisations at both international and national levels. He’s worked on global expansion strategies, as well as developing and implementing global donation systems.

His career to date includes work with The United Nations, UNICEF, The Fred Hollows Foundation, Camp Quality and CanTeen to name a few. his work has taken him around the world; from Sweden to Australia, Switzerland, India and Thailand.