Geoff Jaeger | Photographer Chris Round
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Photographer Chris Round

“Silverwater Park” – © Chris Round

From Head On Extended
GkJE Galleries at Canvas Bar until 21 July
Landscape images in GkJE 2 courtesy Head On Photo Festival

“This image is part of a new series investigating the surreal, colourful and sometimes unintentionally compelling forms of contemporary urban environments.

“Sometimes through planning and sometimes through sheer coincidence these spaces offer an array of arresting subject matter that uncovers our rather bizarre and erratic relationship with the ever-evolving 21st century urban landscape.”

Talking about his work, Chris says, “[my photographs] reflect the likely influence my UK upbringing has had on my photographic practice in Australia.

“The Australian landscape is more associated with sun-bleached paddocks and blue skies, but my approach has been to seek out the softer light of overcast days.

“The muted colours produced are not those of faded photographs, but of a sun-bleached landscape now under a temporary grey-sky reprieve.

“This unexpected approach to Australian light was never deliberate, but crept in to my work over a few years and is surely influenced by my being a dual citizen of the UK and Australia.

Having spent an almost equal amount of time in each country, perhaps I am trying to find an evenly balanced sense of place through my photographs, an equal division within each image: an Australian scene with an ‘English’ sky.

“Consequently I ask myself this: The longer I live here in Australia will the pendulum of belonging eventually swing in favour of my adopted land, or will I always be ‘in two places?”

— Chris Round, June 2016