Geoff Jaeger | Snæland – Marco Rudek
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Snæland – Marco Rudek

Marco Rudek’s Snæland is one of two exhibitions opening 10 August at GkJE Galleries. Part of  “Landscapes And…” Snæland is the feature exhibition, sharing the walls with work by fellow photographer Timothy Harland.

Marco was born in Germany and trained as an Industrial Designer before taking up photography. He believes the principles of creating a good photograph are the same as that of good product design. The ‘designer/photographer’ must create an image that works, makes you feel good, and gives you a good experience.

“A good photograph,” he says, “creates an emotional response, a feeling. It transports the viewer to the place, gives a sense of temperature and mood, inviting the audience to enter the photograph itself.”

Drawing on almost 15 years in the design industry, Marco became enamoured with photography in 2006, when he first arrived in Australia. Since then, he’s been through ‘photographic stages’ that encompass travel snapper, hobbyist, passionate explorer, part-time professional, and back to explorer.

“Being paid for your images, inevitably changes your approach as you’re trying to please someone else. Without that constraint, you’re truly free to be yourself as an artist and photographer.”

The photographs in Snæland were taken on an eight-day trip around Iceland in late October 2015. Marco covered almost 2,200 kilometres, took almost 3,000 photographs and “pretty much fell in love with the place.”