Geoff Jaeger | Gallery KJ
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Gallery KJ

In 2010, more than 100 people attended the first exhibition at Gallery KJ called AquaUrban. The exhibition featured work by photographers Geoff Jaeger and Deborah Cybula, with guests spilling out from a tiny, rooftop apartment in Sydney’s Kings Cross.


“Aqua in Urban” © Geoff Jaeger, 2009


“Bronte Baths” © Deborah Cybula, 2008


Following a second exhibition Reflective Perspectives in 2011, Gallery KJ became the office space of parent business GkJE, before the gallery itself moved ‘down the road’ to Mercure Sydney, Potts Point (2013—2016), where it was known as Gallery Mercure, then GkJE Gallery 1 (GkJE 1).

For a while in 2016— what then became know as GkJE Galleries—moved into Canvas Bar in Sydney’s CBD, briefly featuring two other gallery walls: GkJE 2 and GkJE 3, which continued online until 2018.


Floating Wishes © Parsa Jamalpour, 2015


You can view selected works from all galleries on Instagram: GkJE 1, via #GkJEGalleries and by clicking past exhibitions below.

Click here to visit Gallery KJ, with more work on Instagram using #GalleryKJ2019.