Geoff Jaeger | The Bridge Between
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The Bridge Between

The Bridge Between is a collaboration between artist Robyn Ross and photographer Geoff Jaeger.

Opening 6-9pm on 18 May 2021, this unique exhibition was born from a shared concern about the polarising effects of social media and a climate of partisan politics. At its heart, is a focus on ‘the bridge’ we need to build between cultures, political views, genders, generations and more.


Sydney-based artist Robyn is exhibiting portraits of culturally diverse Australians, as part of her desire to recognise their unique role in our society. Like her portrait subject Walangari, in The Bridge Between Robyn has chosen to use her art as a means of cross-cultural communication. 

Her subjects include Aboriginal Artist Colin Walangari Karntawarra McCormack; Mayor of Leichhardt Darcy Byrne; Dr. Sheevalee Patel; Associate Professor Nabeel Ibrahim and one of Sydney’s notable underground DJs, Nick Reverse.

Geoff’s work will feature three large photographs of San Francisco’s
Golden Gate Bridge, his focus on a city long imbued with the spirit of 1967’s “Summer of Love”. 

While bridges may appear monolithic, when examined closely, it’s clear how their individual components make up the whole — as many and varied as those components may be.
The Bridge Between focuses on our contemporary need to recognise ourselves in each other and build a more inclusive world. 

Australian actor Andrew McFarlane will open the show between 6–9pm on Tuesday, 18 May at
Art Gallery on Darling — 307 Darling Street Balmain, Sydney. 

The exhibition will be on view: 10am – 5pm between 19 – 23 May. For media inquiries or images, email:

Photographic Partner
: The Tank Stream Hotel


Photographic Sponsor: Pixel Perfect Prolab


Exhibition Sponsor: Torkos Ploetz Design