GkJE | Geoff
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Geoff / Consultant


Geoff has a unique blend of communication experience within government, corporate, and agency environments that spans regulated, creative and commercial fields.


Between 2011 and 2018, Geoff worked as a writer, designer and curator, founding a small creative team known as GkJE. Today, the GkJE team comes together for bespoke clients on an occasional basis.


Geoff is now principal at Geoff Jaeger Consulting, working on communications projects for Government, NGO, corporate and private clients.


As Founder of GkJE, Geoff sourced work and led the team to deliver creative projects for a variety of established corporate, SME and not-for-profit clients. Always on the diversity curve, Geoff is a strong believer in multiple perspectives creating a better whole.


For more than 30 years Geoff has worked extensively as a facilitator, trainer, writer, editor and corporate communications executive.


Responsible for leading, developing and implementing key employee communication campaigns at Qantas – for more than a decade – Geoff has facilitated global communication programs; managing complex change initiatives, communication strategies and project communications.


With an Honours Degree in English Literature from the University of Queensland, Geoff is currently completing a Master of Creative Writing at Sydney University.


His studies have incorporated literary theory, gender politics, science fiction writing, post/colonialism, post/modernism and the principles of good design – now with a strong focus on narrative storytelling.


A Bachelor of Design Studies (Architecture) has given Geoff a unique understanding of best practice verbal and visual communication strategies.


While teaching, he was invited to contribute to German language syllabus design and curriculum development as a panel member for Education Queensland.


His Honours thesis examines two novels by Aldous Huxley: Brave New World and Island  – “still very relevant reads today!”


Geoff is currently completing a Master of Creative Writing at The University of Sydney.