GkJE | Geoff
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Geoff / Consultant


In August 2018 – seven years after leaving the corporate world for a freelance life – I’ll be launching Geoff Jaeger Consulting.


Utilising my extensive experience as a facilitator, corporate communications executive and trainer, I’ll work with individuals and small teams to improve their communication skills within corporate and collective environments.


My mission is to help people navigate the complexities of modern communication and become expert communicators. I know what good communication looks like, and how to make it a reality in multiple settings.


Since 2011, I’ve steered GkJE from a freelancing model – combining writing with design; later branching out to include artist exhibitions – into a bespoke team of sole traders who work on selected projects.


As part of a portfolio career, I worked at Qantas for more than a decade, playing a lead role in developing and implementing key employee campaigns as an internal communications manager.


It was a tough gig, I learned a great deal – facilitating global programs, managing complex initiatives, communication strategies and leading project communications.


My studies and experience have given me access to a unique understanding of design – both literary and visual – that supports best practice personal communication, presentation and leadership skills.


Published academically, I’ve interviewed and promoted musicians, artists, photographers and filmmakers, contributing to a number of online sites and working with SME clients.


Last century I contributed to syllabus design and curriculum development with Education Queensland while completing an Honours Degree in English Literature in 1997. My studies incorporate gender politics, science fiction writing, literary theory, post colonialism and several other ‘isms’.


I’ve been on the diversity curve for more than 20 years and strongly believe multiple perspectives create a better whole. I’m currently completing a Master of Creative Writing at Sydney University.


My Honours thesis examines two novels by Aldous Huxley: Brave New World and Island  – “still very relevant and great reads today!”